Red Cross Youth

The German Red Cross Youth is the independent and recognized youth association of the German Red Cross. About 113,000 children and young people aged 6 to 27 years are active members in more than 5500 GRCY groups. With our work we aim to be socially and politically involved. We are committed to health, our environment, to peace and to a better understanding among nations.

Our group members meet regularly and on an out-of-school basis. Our activities range from first aid to water rescue, peer mediation to holiday camps. Helping other people is the top priority of our programmes. Furthermore, we organise projects such as holiday events, perform theatre plays or simply visit the local swimming pool to have some fun. Those who still haven't got enough of the GRCY are welcome to be trained as group leaders and start their own GRCY group.

Vision and Mission

In compliance with the principle of humanity, the first of the seven Red Cross Principles, we advocate for the wellbeing, protection, peaceful coexistence and dignity of all people. As a part of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement we belong to a worldwide community whose mission it is to help victims of conflicts and catastrophes and others in need – with nothing but a person’s need for help as a guideline. The members of the Red Cross Youth work in four equally important areas:

  • promotion of social commitment
  • commitment to public health and environment
  • activities for peace and international understanding
  • acceptance of political responsibilities

Our Red Cross Youth Principles inspire our work and give us guidelines for reaching our goals. “Diversity in the Red Cross Youth“ is currently one of the central issues we are dealing with.

Local activities

Helping others – whether it is in the streets, in the water, on a mountain or in the schoolyard – is the central mission of the Red Cross Youth. Our youth members are adept at first aid and familiar with water and mountain rescue. Taking the right actions at the right time – that’s what our youth members are training to do again and again. These skills are not only of help to others but as a result of their efforts, their self-confidence grows. In an emergency, rather than just standing and watching, being able to actually help, gives them a feeling of strength and security.

Red Cross Youth at schools

The RCY sees itself as a partner of schools. Whether it is first aid services at schools, the peer mediator programme or instructional materials for teachers – we offer a wide variety of activities for students and teachers.


Since the 1990s, the Red Cross Youth has been running campaigns dealing with topics that are burning issues to so many young people: Child poverty in Germany, violence or today’s prospects for young people for example. These campaigns are excellent opportunities for young Red Cross members to get involved with the Red Cross mission. At the same time, they give young people a forum that they can use to attract public attention for issues that are relevant to them – and demand changes.

International work

In 186 countries around the world people commit themselves to the ideas of the Red Cross every day. As part of the global Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement the Red Cross Youth offers children and young people the opportunity to sneak a peek into other cultures and broaden their horizons. Its activities range from international youth camps to participation in international relief projects and multi-national campaigns.

Red Cross Youth on site

The Red Cross Youth is active throughout Germany.

Federal Association

National associations

In each of the 19 national associations of the Red Cross, there are agencies of the Red Cross Youth.

District Associations

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